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Our AC Technologies expert IT engineers can setup and maintain even the most complex systems – giving you peace of mind and keeping your business operations optimal at all times.

Graphic Design & Illustrations

We use Graphic design softwares that are state of the art and professional for visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography.

Remote Support Services

We mainly use Team Viewer or AnyDesk to take remote control of your desktop. What we view is a virtual copy of your desktop because it is connected to your company’s VPN.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Our Domain registration takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes. Click on the Hosting menu link above and click on Web OR Email Hosting if you require email service.

Technology of tomorrow today

Our Solutions SolutionsSolutions

Our company has specialised in graphic design, hosting, cloud computing and IT support for over 7 years. We are accomplished in our service delivery with professional IT service.

Business Analytics Service

Optimise your entire retail operation, increase sales, reduce working capital and improve customer experience with big data analytics and real-time interactive dashboards.

Advisory Production Service

Our professionally designed annual report will focus on Graphic design that is professional and in your brand's corporate identity (CI) and brand identity Copywriting that is in the right business tone.

Email Hosting

Get Email Hosting packages for your business and Create a more professional electronic image as a business or as an individual by moving away from the usual, ‘old’ generic email addresses including email signature setup.

Online Business Security

Our Security Specialists focus on advanced security engineering & consulting (ASEC) having the people, technology, and intelligence to keep your organisation, data, and reputation better protected from threats.

Web Development & Design

Our website design is visually cohesive, with navigation tools that make it easy to find information about plant care, upcoming events, and plants available for purchase. Graphics are the logos, icons, and images color palette, layout, and content.

Remote Support

Callouts to client’s sites: Unlimited option for Main areas, Ad Hoc option available Network support and maintenance. Callouts to client’s sites: Unlimited option for Main areas.

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AC Technologies announces new cloud regions in South Africa
The opening of AC Technologies’s new cloud region in Gauteng region in December 2021 came at a good time for Motalane and Lekalakala, the Directors of AC Technologies SpinVest Group.

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